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At tyres best we try and help everyday Australians find better tyres for a range of cars, trucks, 4wd and even motor bikes. We realise that this task can be difficult with so many different providers of tyres out there on the market. You can learn more about tyres and the different ranges and sizes. 

We know there are other good companies out there like tyroola, jax tyres, mycar tyres and tyre sales. They are doing a great job helping people find the right tyres as well. Their websites are actually really well set up and quite technical. 

To get the right choices when it comes to tyre types we recommend you know your car, truck or 4 wheel drive’s tyre dimensions. That includes the tyre profile, wheel size, load index and speed rating. It’s always best to have this information with you before delving too deep into your tyre research.

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Do we know a ton about tyres? To be honest there are competitors who know a lot and probably have a better all round knowledge of this industry. But we’re still giving it a go to make our names known in the car tyre space.